New Exhibitions Start April 16 – 17

Christy Matson: 12 Recent Works

Exhibition Begins April 16 

Volume Gallery

In this new body of work, Matson paints the threads of both warp and weft, building layers of color that intersect in the weaving, interrupted by bubbles of painted paper yarn that burst up from its surface. Her artworks are washed in color where dye permeates fiber, bleeding from thread to thread to blur the grid on which they are organized, with subtle gradations flushing into sudden shades. Matson’s freedom with color highlights her interest in both constraint and precision.



Michelle Bolinger

Exhibition Begins April 16 

Paris London Hong Kong

Chicago-based painter Michelle Bolinger creates abstract paintings that investigate modes of seeing and oscillate between the surface and three-dimensionality. Layering and then taking away many thin layers of paint, Bollinger builds a multi-layered surface that is then interrupted with flat areas of color or defined geometric forms to create an optical surface tension.




Exhibition Begins April 16 

Woman Made Gallery

Boundaries explores modern digital and physical boundary setting as we emerge from global pandemic conditions. While many new physical boundaries have been defined for us, other boundaries were left to be defined.  This exhibition considers the magnitude of this particular moment, as well as conceptual dimensions and negotiations of boundaries broadly, and as particularly experienced by womxn and non-binary individuals.



Paul Mpagi Sepuya

Exhibition Begins April 16 




Ryan Travis Christian

Exhibition Begins April 16 

Western Exhibitions

Ryan Travis Christian’s 1990s suburban Chicago upbringing offered up absurd experiences, which he uses as fuel for the surreal personal narratives in his pop-culture-influenced graphite drawings. Impacted by Chicago-style figuration, Christian focuses on the paradoxical relationship between childish cartoons and ominous messages, musing on the technological and material obsolescence of his inspiration. Vintage political cartoons and hand-drawn animation influence Christian’s detailed vignettes—namely from Ub Iwerks, George Condo, and the Hairy Who—Christian comes to terms with his sources’ sordid pasts while embracing their richness and flavor.



Milwaukee's Spring Gallery Night and Day

Exhibition Begins April 16 – 17

Lily Pad | West



American Roulette 

Opening: Friday, April 16, 6 – 9 pm

Epiphany Center for the Arts 



Damon Locks: Then X Enters

Opening: Saturday, April 17, noon – 4 pm


At the onset of the pandemic, away from his studio and most of his materials during lockdown, Damon Locks found himself needing to make work in ways that were outside his normal path. As an electronic sound-maker, one of the most important tools in Locks’s toolbox is his sampler, which is used to create sound pieces out of collected parts. This echoes how he builds visual images. Digital and screen printing are well-trodden parts of his artistic practice, and Locks regularly uses his computer to compile, construct, and reconstruct images, tweaking them until ready for display. But now, struck with the desire to create and without access to the computer as conveyance, he began to rely on the tools at hand. Ink, brush, bamboo pen, paint, scissors, glue, drawing and tracing paper stepped in where digital design programs once stood.