New Exhibitions Start April 8 – 10

Ellen Lanyon: A Bit of Magic

Exhibition begins April 8


Often discussed in relation to Surrealism and Magic Realism, Chicago painter and printmaker Ellen Lanyon (1926 - 2013) is celebrated for her fantastical and meticulously crafted still-life compositions. A reflection of her own private mythology, Lanyon's juxtapositions of exotic specimens from the natural world with everyday household objects subvert ideas of domesticity and offer mysterious new narratives both playful and sinister.



Lust, Love, and Loss in Renaissance Europe

Exhibition begins April 8

Smart Museum of Art 

The objects on view—created for private homes and personal consumption—offer glimpses into the lives of artists and their audiences. Painters, printmakers, and craftsmen, inspired by popular literary sources including Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Boccaccio’s Decameron, and the Bible, interpreted their stories for everyday settings. 

Taken together, the works of art on display illuminate the many ways that objects lay at the heart of cultural rituals and consuming desires through which relationships were formed, celebrated, and extinguished.



Momentum: Moving joyfully forward

Exhibition begins April 9

Springboard Arts 

The emergence from a turbulent season can be a time of positive change, fueling momentum to keep moving forward. In our new exhibit, “Momentum,” the idea of moving forward with strength and purpose is depicted in the vibrant work of our artists and in the subject matter they address.



Space: Chapter One

Exhibition begins April 9

Oliva Gallery 

Organized by the Chicago-based Didaar Art Collective, this group show exhibits a selection of juried drawings and printmakings on the perception of space or the ideas(s) of alternative spaces by Iranian visual artists who live in Iran and beyond.



Hurvin Anderson: Anywhere but Nowhere

Exhibition begins April 10

Arts Club of Chicago 

In this new series of paintings, Anderson trains his eye on a section of wall from a seemingly insignificant building that is being overtaken by foliage. Working and reworking the composition in multiple sketches, transparencies and paintings, he invites introspection, as well as recognition of the destructive factors at work in such marked locations in the natural environment.



Jill Magid | Tender: Balance

Exhibition begins April 10

The Renaissance Society 

As the pandemic began last year, the complex relationships between individuals, groups of people, institutions, and deeply-rooted systems quickly came into stark relief. Magid was especially struck by the way public figures weighed the loss of human lives against the supposed costs for the economy. Against this backdrop, she began developing a project that would take multiple forms over time, while centering on the circulation of pennies, as they’re exchanged by hand and within the economy at large. 
Featuring the premiere of a new film and other new works, Jill Magid's Tender: Balance at the Renaissance Society follows the movement of pennies and some of their afterlives, while thinking about absence, loss, and traces left behind. Reflecting her unique approach as an artist, the exhibition has aspects that are intimate and poetic while also observing broader systems around us—in this case the intertwining of the economy and the lives of individual people. 



Figures / Faces 

Exhibition begins April 10

Evanston Art Center 



2021 MFA Candidates Thesis Exhibition

Exhibition begins April 10

Snite Museum of Art 

This annual exhibition is comprised of the culminating thesis projects created by the students graduating from the three-year masters in fine arts degree program of the University of Notre Dame Department of Art, Art History & Design.



Is This Real?

Exhibition begins April 10

Gallery Studio Oh! 

A two-person exhibition featuring landscape and figurative paintings and drawings by Ellen Holtzblatt and imaginative, surreal gouache paintings and sculptures by Kathy Weaver. Through her paintings and drawings, Ellen Holtzblatt explores the profound connections between the physical and spiritual world. Kathy Weaveruses her imagination fired by buried memories and a love of technology to comment on the status quo. Both artists are on a journey to find meaningful coincidence that lead to a deeper connection with the universe.