New Exhibitions Start June 26

Nancy Rosen & Monalisa Rosen: Cut, Paste, Paint

Opening: Saturday, June 26, 1 – 4 pm

Gallery Studio Oh!

The artist behind Netflix's Original Series Grace & Frankie, Nancy Rosen, joins us again for another showing of her newest works alongside her daughter-in-law, Monalisa Rosen.

Nancy Rosen works on a variety of surfaces. She creates her images with the application of oil bars, china markers, graphite and oil paint, using live models. With her complex backgrounds she accentuates the quiet inner beauty of her figure and draws life itself into her subject.

Monalisa Rosen creates mixed media collages in the form of silhouetted portraits with the use of fabrics, paper, oil pastels and paint. They are mainly made with leftover scrap fabrics discarded after making masks.



Karen Reimer: Sea Change

Exhibition Begins June 26

Monique Meloche Gallery

The overall effect of Reimer's conceptual technique creates an optical meditation on the larger collapse of cultural foundations and our capacity to coexist within the earth’s ecosystems. Each complex embroidery utilizes found textiles, a physical manifestation of an ethical salvaging of materials; the materials have been dyed and re-dyed, reconfigured, and re-sewn, they represent the many iterations of life and the infinite potential for plurality of existence.



Antonius Bui: The Detour Is To Be Where We Are

Exhibition Begins June 26

Monique Meloche Gallery

moniquemeloche gallery is pleased to present The Detour Is To Be Where We Are, an exhibition of intricate paper cutting works by Antonius Bui. This is Bui’s first solo show with the gallery.

Antonius Bui (b. 1992, Bronx, NY) is a queer, gender-nonbinary, Vietnamese American artist. Their intensive paper-cutting process is exceptionally meditative; each sheet of paper represents an archive of memories and oral histories, mirroring the intergenerational trauma that so many refugee communities are faced with.



Ricardo Manuel Díaz and Margarita Fainshtein

Opening: June 26 & 27, 12 – 4 pm

Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA)

The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art is honored to present paintings by Chicago based artist Ricardo Manuel Díaz and printed works by Nova Scotian artist Margarita Fainshtein in The Horizon is a Circle, a two person exhibition that contemplates displacement, a sense of place, and what home means across geographic borders and cultures.



The Happening

Exhibition Begins June 26

FLXST Contemporary

In our every day, small gestures of life occur in time invoking the future while repeating moments of the past. Inspired by the “happenings” first coined and performed by Allan Kaprow and artists in the US and abroad during the late 1950s and 1960s, “The Happening” at FLXST Contemporary creates both space and time that enables viewers to visualize synchrony of actions, intentions, and movements among artists exhibited together working across a variety of mediums however disparate their backgrounds, ideas, or social leanings might be. Collectively, the artists presented in “The Happening” explore forward-thinking practices and techniques often taken for granted, underappreciated, or misunderstood in their presentations and performances.