CGN Art World Recap: 1/3/22

Oskar Friedl, far right, with the Zhou Brothers (3rd from left and 5th from left)

Former Chicago Art Dealer and longtime curator Oskar Friedl has Died

Oskar Friedl passed away after a battle with COVID-19. He would have turned 66 this week. His son shared details on his Facebook page. Friedl was also a collaborator with the Zhou Brothers, as well as an editor of their books. 

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Work In Progress: Eighteen Months Ago, Woman Made Gallery Started An Overhaul in the Wake of a Racially Charged Unraveling

It’s been over a year since the nation’s art institutions released their promises, statements and commitments, in various verbiages, to “do better” with racial justice. Some have stayed the course, others veered back to business as usual. Most are somewhere in the middle and have spent the past year-and-a-half adjusting to a new standard of equity and inclusion.

Woman Made Gallery is a nonprofit exhibition space that focuses on women and non-binary artists. In June of 2020, Woman Made Gallery’s newly appointed director left, citing “racism in the organization and microaggressions in the workplace,” according to a statement from the gallery. Then a staff member quit, for similar reasons. Then a board member left. Ultimately the gallery ended the summer with full staff turnover and a much-reduced board.

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Susanin's Sold Its Auction Building and is Now Doing Art Advisory

Sean Susanin shared: "2022 marks a fresh start and the chance to reset ourselves. Our flagship building in downtown Chicago has been sold. We will no longer be conducting traditional English style auctions. 

As we all know, the art and auction industry has seen tremendous change...With 40 years experience navigating the art and auction world, our mission at SUSANIN'S will continue to bring confidential, trusted advice, solutions and phenomenal results for all your art-related needs" with Susanin's Art Advisory Group.