What We're Reading: 2/22/22

Buzz Spector exhibit showcases the foundational importance of reading…and the EPL’s books

Reading builds us up—nobody understands that better than Buzz Spector. Spector is a prominent figure in the world of modern conceptual art with a body of work spanning several decades and mediums, including drawings, prints, art criticism and (perhaps most notably) visual art and sculpture. But nearly every piece has one thing in common: they’re made from printed material. 

These works range in scale and style: structures built brick by brick from novels and encyclopedias, individual books strategically torn to reveal composite images along the edges of pages, collages using cut-outs of dust jackets. Spector has dreamed up endless possibilities for the humble page. That work is continuing this winter with a brand new exhibition. made possible with the contribution of a few thousand books from right here at the Evanston Public Library (EPL).

Buzz Spector: Reading Matter", on view now at the Rockford Art Museum, includes Spector’s polaroid photographs, prints and drawings. Its centerpiece is one of Spector’s trademarks: a huge book sculpture made possible with the contribution of nearly 4 tons of (no longer serviceable) books selected from EPL’s collection. 

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Security Guard Who Drew Eyes on Russian Painting Opens Up: ‘What Have I Done?’

A security guard who was arrested last December for drawing eyes on a painting of faceless figures at the Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg spoke about the vandalism in an interview with Russian news site E1. Aleksandr Vasiliev, a decorated veteran of the Afghan and Chechen wars, told journalist Elena Pankratieva that he believed the 20th-century work by Anna Leporskaya was a “children’s drawing” and claimed he was goaded by teenagers to deface it.

“I’m a fool, what have I done,” the 63-year-old told Pankratieva.

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Bring Art, Go Home With Art’: Logan Square’s Big Art Swap Set For Feb. 26

Artists from across the city can participate in a large-scale art exchange in Logan Square this month. Volunteer-led arts organization AnySquared Projects is behind the art swap, set for 6-11 p.m. Feb. 26 at Hairpin Arts Center, 2810 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Artists should bring a piece of original artwork to the event. All of the pieces will be raffled off, with the idea that each artist who brings artwork will come home with another artist’s work in exchange.

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