What We're Reading: 3/1/22

Chicago abstract artist Cleveland Dean is having a one-person show of his unique artworks at The Art Center Highland Park Feb. 18-April 9. (Cleveland Dean)

Artist Cleveland Dean uses fire in work at latest exhibit at The Art Center Highland Park

Chicago Artist Cleveland Dean admitted that he was a nerd as a child — and that he’s still a nerd. “I get absorbed with things,” he explained. “If I find I have an interest in something, I do everything I can to learn as much about it as I can.”

That interest in absorbing knowledge about whatever interests him is apparent in Dean’s artwork, which will be on display from Feb. 18-April 9 at The Art Center Highland Park.

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Big names fund Hyde Park Art Center's new direction

With $17 million raised from a Walmart heir's philanthropy and others, the Hyde Park Art Center implements a unique tuition structure.

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The Financial Community Is Shutting Its Doors to Russia. Will the Art Market Follow?

In the days since Russia invaded Ukraine last week, one art advisor has been busy fielding questions from worried clients, some of whom have works for sale in London this week, including at Phillips auction house. The company, owned by Russia’s luxury conglomerate Mercury Group, is planning to offer tens of millions of dollars worth of art during the mid-season auctions...

The broader art market is finding itself in a similar bind. As the financial community shuts its doors to Russia, scores of Russian millionaires and billionaires may need to convert their trophy Warhols, Rothkos, and Picassos into cash—just as international sanctions have made them toxic to do business with. 

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New Immersive Exhibit Showcases Works of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo returns to Chicago, this time in a new immersive experience.

The exhibit showcases the work of the influential Mexican-born artist in 360-degrees.

Ahead of the exhibit’s opening, we spoke with Kahlo’s grandniece and great grandniece. They say unlike other exhibitions, this experience depicts the Frida their family knew.

You can see the full 40-minute production on Frida Kahlo at Lighthouse Immersive in Old Town.