What We're Reading: 3/14/22

Chicago’s annual list of most endangered buildings is out

Preservation Chicago’s annual list of the seven most endangered buildings is so big that this year it includes eight historic sites.

Topping the list, issued Wednesday, is an urgent late addition: two century-old Chicago skyscrapers that the federal government purchased 15 years ago and now wants to demolish.

Via Chicago Tribune


Photos of the Wreck of Shackleton’s Endurance

For more than a century, the location of Endurance—the ship which carried Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew on a doomed expedition to Antarcticabefore becoming trapped in the ice and ultimately sinking beneath it—had been a mystery.

That changed on March 9, 2022, with the announcement that the expedition team Endurance22 had discovered the famous wreck some 10,000 feet deep on the bottom of the Weddell Sea.

Via The History Channel


The Color Factory Is Opening a Permanent Space in Chicago. Here Are the Artists It’s Tapped for Its Latest Immersive Experience Hub

The interactive exhibition Color Factory, known for its photogenic displays and massive ball pits, is opening its third permanent location, inside Chicago’s Willis Tower.

The 25,000-square-foot space—the Color Factory’s biggest to date—will feature artists from around the world, including Camille Walala, Yuri Suzuki, Tomislav “Quintessenz” Topic, Liz West, Anne Patterson, Christine Wong Yap, Harvey and John, and Michele Bernhardt, as well as four artists with ties to Chicago in Edra Soto, Akilah Townsend, Adrian Kay Wong, and Emilie Baltz.

Via Artnet


New Art Exhibition in Skokie Showcases Work of First Responders

There’s a famous quote from Fred Rogers – when he saw scary things on the news as a child, his mother told him: “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

An art exhibition Called “Courage …” adds a visual element to Mr. Rogers’ advice – and the artwork is made by the helpers.

“I was looking for some type of creative display to commemorate the two-year shutdown. And rather than focus on the shutdown itself, I wanted to focus more on the individuals who responded and helped,” said Debra Hatchett of Anatomically Correct Arts.