CGN Art World Recap: 6/15/22

Richard Hunt. Via Pigment, Int.

Mayor Lightfoot Declares June 9 Richard Hunt Day 

International sculptor Richard Hunt has been able to seep into the heart of this great city without regard for race or creed or gender, attaining a universality that all artists crave. Metal, his material of choice, has no color after all, only form, and Hunt has bent it to his will for more than seven decades. And what’s more he’s bent us to his will by being a Chicagoan through and through, a son of Woodlawn. He has said of his lifelong pursuit of art that his mom was ‘supportive’, and his dad was ‘tolerant’.  

Hunt was honored by the Leadership Advisory Committee (LAC) of the Art Institute of Chicago with its 2022 Legends & Legacy Award on June 9th. It is presented to African American artists “who through their lifelong accomplishments and exceptional careers in the visual arts, have influenced generations of artists.” Eldzier Cortor, Dr. Margaret Burroughs and Elizabeth Catlett are among the recipients. And Hunt, at 86, is the youngest honoree. 

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Photograph: Superfly, Alive Coverage

An immersive Prince experience opens in Chicago

Developed by the event production company Superfly, “Prince: The Immersive Experience” takes visitors through an approximately 60-minute tour of interactive rooms exploring the iconic musician’s life, music and legacy. You’ll first be greeted by a short video; then, it’s onto themed rooms made to look like everything from a lilac-scented imitation of the bathroom in the “When Doves Cry” music video to a realistic version of Prince’s Paisley Park studio, painstakingly recreated with details like a shelf stocked with the 5-Hour Energy shots Prince kept on hand for recording sessions. And because this is an immersive experience, many of the rooms are equipped with some kind of interactive element, whether you prefer to experiment with sound mixing “Let’s Go Crazy”  in the studio, take a personality quiz to get a custom playlist of Prince’s deep cuts or pose for photos atop a replica of the famous “Purple Rain” motorcycle.  

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Art Institute’s Lions Spotted On The Highway After Being Taken Away To Be Cleaned

The Art Institute’s famous bronze lions were removed from their Downtown pedestals early Tuesday so they can be cleaned, a move the museum had announced in advance. A large crane hoisted them onto trucks, where they were secured and driven away.

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