Catherine Edelman Gallery Closing West Town Space July 30 to Go Private


By Ginny Van Alyea 

After 34 ½ years, Catherine Edelman shared with CGN this week that she has decided to close her physical space and go private. 

While she plans to continue representing several of the gallery’s photographers, participate in art fairs, and work closely with collectors, museums, and all lovers of photography, she will be vacating 1637 W. Chicago, a 4500 sq ft space she built from the ground up, on July 30. 

The move from the physical to the online means that she is selling off the contents of the gallery space (other than the art.) Edelman shared that she has 80+ Juno cans/lights, 40 folding chairs on a cart, wedges, shelving, microphone/speaker for presentations, and other gallery related items. Please contact her directly if you are interested in any of the items

After July 30 you may find Edelman (and work by her artists) via


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