What We're Reading: 7/28/22

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The New ‘Starry Night’ Lego Set Is a Sold-Out Collector’s Hit

Art lovers know to expect sold-out gallery shows. But what about sold-out Lego kits? Such is the case with Lego’s Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night edition. The kit, which allows enthusiasts to build a recreation of the 1889 Post-Impressionist masterpiece, has been flying off the shelves since it came out in May of this year. The kit came to market through a unique avenue; the Starry Night theme was proposed as a set by Truman Cheng, a PhD student from Hong Kong, through the company’s Lego Ideas system that allows people to suggest ideas for potential kits. 

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The Role of Art in a Time of War

You do not have to go far outside of Kyiv to see how the massacre of civilians and the trampling of culture still come one after the other. In Borodianka, a nucleus of Russian atrocities about 45 minutes north of here — the drive is slower now that the bridges have been demolished — the Palace of Culture has had its windows blown out; its concert hall is dust-caked, and the ticket booths have been ripped asunder. Halfway between the capital and the Belarusian border, I had to contort my body through twisted studs to enter the leveled Ivankiv Historical and Local History Museum, its statuary now pitted, its embroideries scorched. It is far worse further east.

Here in Kyiv the masterpieces have, like many of its citizens earlier, gone underground.

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E(art)H Chicago awards $547,310 for art projects addressing climate change: From murals to money for native plantings

A bilingual, multisensory theater piece for pre-K youth and their families to explore Eggers Grove’s rich ecosystem. A Little Village mural that will be created from a community coloring book and painted by community members. A documentary film that focuses on the environmental justice issues on the Southeast Side where screenings and discussions will take place.

These are but a few art projects centered on environmental justice and climate change that will be created and activated with public programming by next summer through E(art)H Chicago (Earth Art Chicago). The citywide community-based art initiative was created by the Illinois Science and Energy Innovation Foundation (ISEIF) to raise awareness and inspire action on the environment and to educate Illinois residents on cost-saving environmental interventions they can make in their homes.

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Why New York art galleries are flocking to Los Angeles — and how it’s altering the art scene

Call it the great Art Rush — but panning for affluent art collectors instead of gold nuggets.

The Los Angeles gallery scene is seeing an influx of established New York art galleries moving into town as of late — 11 so far are here or coming soon. Several venues opened this February, timed to the Frieze Los Angeles art fair; other openings are in the works for later this year or 2023.

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