Art on theMART Fall 2022 Program Announced

 Chicago Design Through the Decades by Chicago Design Archives – Photo courtesy of Art on theMART  


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Art on theMART continues to celebrate The City of Chicago's Year of Chicago Dance with artists Yuge Zhou and Jasmin Taylor. 

Enjoy this never-before-seen footage below of each artists' upcoming works that will debut on the façade of one of Chicago's most iconic buildings, theMART. 

"As a large-scale, centrally-located platform, Art on theMART is a new kind of stage for performing artists and shows the world the breadth and depth of Chicago's creative talent."

– Cynthia Noble, Executive Director, Art on theMART


Love Letters, Yuge Zhou

Love Letters is a video projection by Chinese-born, Chicago-based artist Yuge Zhou that portrays a lively courtship dance between two urban dwellers searching for each other through a labyrinth of colorful geometry with growing curiosity, electricity and affection.

Choreography: Hannah Santistevan

Performers: Rebecca Huang and Joffrey dancer Xavier Nunez

Computational Animation: Mary Franck and Patrick Steppan

Sound: Ori Zur


 Chicago Design Through the Decades, Daria Tsoupikova – Photo courtesy of Art on theMART  

Trap Moulin Rouge, Jasmin Taylor

Trap Moulin Rouge by Jasmin Taylor, in co-production with Motion/Pictures Dance Project, takes audiences to Chicago's South Side to showcase the vibrant Black culture and dance that emanate from it. Taking sonic and aesthetic inspiration from the 2001 film "Moulin Rouge," Trap Moulin Rouge combines classical, R&B and jazz melodies with a variety of dance styles with the aim of creating and promoting equity in Chicago through the performing arts.

Co-producer: Motion/Pictures Dance Project

Assistant Composer: Atticus Lazenby

Sound: Friends of Friends Recording (Book Mende and DeAnna Doersch)

Design: India Wilson and Icy Nails


The Art on theMART Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit created to advance Art on theMART's mission to provide free access to compelling and contemporary moving-image artwork projected onto the façade of theMART. The Foundation's objective is to expand funding for artist commission fees and other art production costs.