What We're Reading 8/25/22

Passing the Torch – Sculptor to Sculptor

Pigment International made a very special visit to iconic sculptor Richard Hunt’s studio in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. There we witnessed three generations of Black sculptors connect. Delaware based sculptors Aaron Paskins and his wife Gina were visiting as part of their attendance at the Fellowship Open in Milwaukee. They were joined by Sand Robinson, member of the Board of Trustees of the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) and former president of the African American Art Alliance (AAAA) and art consultant Don Roman.

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The Chicago Gallery Scene Is often Overlooked—It Shouldn’t Be

Several cities leap to mind when discussing contemporary art galleries in the U.S.: Los Angeles, with its recent influx of East Coast spaces opening West Coast outposts. Palm Beach, as growing populations and support for the scene have turned seasonal locales into year-round ventures. New York, always ubiquitous. But Chicago seems perennially overlooked.

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The Pritzker Archives and Memorial Park Center (10475 12th St., Somers) is set to finish construction in December; Photo courtesy of Pritzker Military Museum & Library

A Legendary Architect’s Last Design Is Being Built in Wisconsin

Helmut Jahn wanted to create a new landmark. 

The legendary postmodernist architect – known for the James R. Thompson Center in Chicago, among many other buildings – was tapped by the Pritzker Military Museum & Library to design a new storage facility in 2018. Pritzker’s Chicago home was running out of room for its collection of over 100,000 military artifacts and was looking to an open site northwest of Kenosha to expand.  

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