What We're Reading: 1/11/23

News Spotlight on ‘Forecast Form: Art in the Caribbean Diaspora, 1990s-Today’

WGN News aired a segment on the MCA's new exhibition.

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A new exhibit in Chicago features artwork by children in Ukraine

NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Yustyna Pavliuk and Adrienne Kochman about "Children of War," an exhibit at Chicago's Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art that features artwork by children in Ukraine.



Louvre will begin significantly limiting daily visitor numbers to create 'more pleasurable viewing experience'

In 2022, the Louvre received 7.8 million visitors—19% less than in 2019, albeit a rise of 170% from 2021 when French museums were closed for nearly five months. But the fall in attendance is not necessarily bad news. The Louvre director Laurence des Cars has hit the pause button and decided to limit daily entries to 30,000. Prior to Covid-19, the museum could welcome up to 45,000 people on its most crowded days. With 80% of tickets now issued via a reservation service, the new policy should stabilise attendance at between 7.5 million and 8 million visitors for 2023, the same levels experienced by the museum around 17 years ago.

In a statement, Des Cars said she opted for the change “so the visit would be a pleasurable experience, especially for first-timers to the museum who make up 60% of entries".

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Thumbnail is from MCA's Forecast Form: Art in the Caribbean Diaspora, 1990s–Today