New Exhibitions Open Oct 19 - 22

Italian Excellence: Illustrations for Italo Calvino

Exhibition begins October 19

Istituto Italiano di Cultura

In response to the theme "Italian language and sustainability" the exhibition provides an insight into the Calvinian world and nature, through the contemporary interpretation of young illustrators from around the world.



Affen Segun: For We are Kings: Timeless Transfers of Generational Joy, Happiness and Swag

Opening: Friday, October 20, 6 – 9 pm

Elephant Room Gallery

As an artist, Affen is heavily inspired by culture, motherhood, family and love. For this exhibition in particular, he has found inspiration through the people he has met and has felt compelled to tell their stories. Each piece contains a character reimagined by Affen, accompanied by thoughtfully placed objects, patterned backgrounds or abstract elements, all within a setting or occasion. Incorporating color, strong composition and Ankara patterned fabrics, Affen’s art is visual poetry, bursting forth with relentless energetic expression.



No Artificial Ingredients

Opening: Friday, October 20, 5 – 9 pm

East Erie Gallery

Featuring nine Chicago area based artists showcasing their painting, collage, sculpture, pastel, glass, and watercolor.



Reception for Masters of Different Eras

Opening: Saturday, October 21, 3 – 8 pm

Expression Gallery of Fine Art

Presenting Masters of Different Eras featuring paintings by Nikolay Blokhin, and graphics by Pierre- Auguste Renoir. View the evolution of Impressionism, tradition and expression from the 19th century to modern day.



Don’t Close Your Eyes

Opening: Saturday, October 21, noon – 4 pm

Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA)

The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art is proud to present Don’t Close Your Eyes, a collection of work by 26 artists responding to the war in Ukraine. How do artists depict war?