What We're Reading: 2/20/23


Gallerist Mariane Ibrahim Broadens Her Roster With a Mexico City Outpost

Can a gallery successfully navigate the global art market without a presence in New York or London? It’s a question Mariane Ibrahim has simultaneously asked herself and answered. Having established her eponymous gallery in Seattle in 2012, the Somali-French art dealer, known for championing young artists of the African diaspora, moved her business to Chicago in 2019 and added a Parisian outpost in 2021. This week, her gallery’s third location opens in Mexico City, which she believes will comprise her ideal trilogy. “I’m very happy in Chicago. I’m very happy in Paris, and I’m even happier to be in Mexico,” Ibrahim, who considers herself an “adopted Chicagoan,” tells Harper’s Bazaar. While the choice of Mexico City may come as a surprise compared to more conventional global art destinations, Ibrahim shares the decision was anything but impulsive. “I actually thought Mexico would happen before Paris.”

Via Harper's Bazaar


Chicago Audubon Society to Scrub ‘Audubon’ From Name, Saying Naturalist’s Troubling History ‘Doesn’t Work For Us’

The Chicago Audubon Society announced Monday that it intends to drop “Audubon” from its name, and is encouraging the National Audubon Society to do the same.

“Audubon is not an appropriate standard-bearer for our organization,” the Chicago chapter stated in a letter to the national organization. (Audubon chapters are individual entities; regional offices like Audubon Great Lakes are affiliates of the national parent.)



Museum of Wisconsin Art celebrates its 10th birthday

MOWA will mark the birthday with talks by 10 Wisconsin artists throughout 2023. The so-called TENtalks will feature lectures by Brennen Steines (Feb. 25), David Lenz (March 18), Della Wells (May 20), Michelle Grabner (June 17), Tom Uttech (July 15), Jason S. Yi (Aug. 5), Fred Stonehouse (Sept. 23), Vaughan Larsen (Oct. 7) and Lon Michels (Nov. 18).

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