CGN Art World Recap: 1/25/24

Jennifer Murray

Filter Photo Director Stepping Down

Filter Photo shared on its Instagram: "It is with many mixed emotions that we share that Jennifer Murray will be stepping down from her role as Executive Director of Filter Photo at the end of this month. We are undoubtedly sad to see her go, but are immensely grateful for her leadership over the last 8 years and wish her continued success in her next role as the Museum Manager at 21c Hotel Chicago. Our Board of Directors is currently hard at work to ensure a smooth leadership transition—stay tuned for more details on that front soon."


ARC Gallery Founder: Gerda Meyer Bernstein 1923-2024. Pictured here with ARC President, Stacey Lee Gee.

Co-Founder or ARC Has Died

ARC shared, "We, the members of ARC, are so fortunate to have benefited from Gerda Meyer Bernstein. We should be inspired by her empathy, propelled by her vision, and aspire to—one day—be models of her shocking art genius. 

Our condolences to Gerda's friends and family."


UofC Professor and Students Create Tools to Protect Art from generative AI

Artists and creatives have been concerned about generative AI replicating and stealing their work, artistic style and potentially their careers.

University of Chicago Professor Ben Zhao and his team of Ph.D. students are helping to fight back against this issue. Last year, they developed a product called Glaze, a tool that protects artwork from being mimicked by AI.

Via ABC7


Project Aims to Repair Englewood Homes, Combat Disinvestment Through the Arts

In the 1950s and ‘60s, Black families were often forced to pay often double — or more — to buy a home, in what was known as contract buying.

As a result, instead of earning equity and passing down generational wealth, Black homeowners often lost their homes.

Now, a local artist is highlighting those injustices by working to revitalize vacant lots in Englewood. It’s part of her latest project, “unBlocked Englewood.”