Hindman to Merge with America's Oldest Auction House, Freeman’s

LEFT TO RIGHT: Hanna Dougher, Chief Operating Officer; Fraser I. Niven, President; Andrew Seltzer, Deputy Chief Operating Officer; Alyssa D. Quinlan, Chief Executive Officer; Alasdair Nichol, Deputy Chairman; Molly Morse Limmer, Deputy Chairman; and Molly E. Gron, Managing Director, National, Trusts, Estates & Private Clients


Via PR

Today, the pioneering, full-service auction house Hindman announces that it will continue to expand its national footprint by merging with venerable, 200-year-old Philadelphia-based Freeman’s. With a combined six salerooms and 18 regional offices across the country, Freeman’s and Hindman stand to have the largest, coast-to-coast presence of any auction house in the United States, with plans to expand into international markets. The union of these two preeminent businesses represents the foundation of a dynamic and comprehensive company well-positioned to lead the upper-middle auction market. Under the name Freeman’s | Hindman, the company is combining their robust digital infrastructures into a singular website and highly targeted online initiatives. 

As one of the first actions, Freeman’s | Hindman will be opening its new permanent New York saleroom in January 2024. Located at 32 East 67th Street in the heart of the Upper East Side’s art district with up to 5,000 square feet of space available to the company, it is truly setting its sights on New York as a major center of growth. For Freeman’s, it is a return to the city with a physical presence, although both companies have had senior specialists working with clients in New York for many years. This move is in response to the strong demand they have established in this vibrant and key area of the art market.

“I’m truly excited to bring together these two esteemed auction houses under one roof,” asserts Executive Chairman, Jay Frederick Krehbiel. “The merger strengthens our advantage in an increasingly competitive auction market and sets us up for continued growth across the United States and globally, especially with Freeman’s existing international relationship with Lyon & Turnbull.” 

Driven by a client-first approach, dedication to excellence, and innovative strategy, the two houses are natural partners. As America’s oldest auction house, Freeman’s adds more than two centuries of achieving market-setting results to Hindman’s 40-year record of realizing stellar prices while providing outstanding service, particularly to trusts and estates professionals nationwide. A strength also lies in both firms’ specialist teams, whose profound knowledge and unrivaled expertise span all fine art and luxury collecting categories. 

Alyssa D. Quinlan will serve as the merged company’s Chief Executive Officer after being appointed CEO at Hindman in January 2023. “On the heels of Hindman’s most successful year in 2022 and continued strength in 2023, I’m thrilled to build upon our momentum and oversee a merged Freeman’s | Hindman,” says Quinlan. “Our clients are always our top priority, and I am confident that a combined company will only benefit our buyers and sellers as we further expand both our national and global reach. I look forward to working with and learning from the Freeman’s team, as our shared vision will ensure a unique company culture, underpinned by integrity and professionalism, and overlaid with enthusiasm and empathy.”

The new company will boast an extensive network and continue to offer a full suite of services including auctions, appraisals, private sales, and art advisory. By combining strengths, knowledge, and resources, the joint team will be better able to meet the evolving needs of their global client base without sacrificing accessibility. Freeman’s | Hindman will integrate technology including a combined online presence and a personal touch to offer adaptable solutions, provide dedicated attention, and deliver impactful, tailored experiences that belie the impressive scale of their operations. 

“This merger heralds an exciting new chapter, continuing Freeman’s long-standing tradition of embracing change and adapting in response to the times,” remarks Alasdair Nichol, Deputy Chairman. “Great things are bound to happen when passionate people with aligned goals collaborate, and I can’t wait to see what our two creative and client-centric companies achieve together.” 

Molly Morse Limmer, Deputy Chairman, says, “Hindman’s merger with Freeman’s is an incredible opportunity to pool knowledge and expand our expertise. I am eager to see even more international competition in the saleroom as we further elevate and diversify the material we bring to market.”

In addition to the exciting plans for an expanded auction calendar, Freeman’s | Hindman is also considering other opportunities at a time of consolidation in the auction art market. Fraser Niven, President of the company said, “I will be focusing on ways to expand across the United States as well as overseas in line with our aim to provide our valued clients access to the international markets they desire. Both businesses have a formidable reputation for service in their local markets, which in Hindman’s case is extensive given its footprint. Freeman’s also has considerable experience in promoting locally consigned property to an international marketplace. This will only increase and develop in the future as our growth plans are achieved.” 

In 2024, marquee auctions will continue to be held in salerooms across the country, with plans to present a coordinated sale schedule in the coming months.