Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods

Connect to the healing benefits of art and nature! Join Brushwood Center for exhibitions, programs, performances, markets, and art classes. Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods works collaboratively with community partners, artists, health care providers, and scientists to improve health equity and access to nature in Lake County, Illinois, and the Chicago region. We engage people with the outdoors through the arts, environmental education, and community action. Brushwood Center’s programs focus on youth, families, Military Veterans, and those facing racial and economic injustices. Brushwood Center’s public arts programs amplify artists, musicians, community members, and scientists who provide insight to the challenges facing our communities and creative approaches to solutions.

Image: Brushwood Center surrounded by beautiful Ryerson Woods (Photo by Michael Kardas Photography). Young girl at art partnership program (Photo by In Life Photography). Visitors view Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen's photography exhibition, Evolve at Brushwood Center (Photo by Brushwood Staff).