Manneken Press

Fine art publisher producing original, limited edition and unique prints, portfolios and artist’s books by significant contemporary artists. Manneken Press was founded in 2000 and has established a national reputation as a premier independent fine art press. Manneken Press currently represents more than 30 artists. While primarily focused on prints, our inventory includes drawings, sculpture and photography to better represent the full scope of our artist’s creative output.

Artists represented:

Carlos Andrade, Mel Cook, Cathy Crawford, Brian Cypher, Jack Davidson, Rupert Deese, LJ Douglas, Rhea Edge, Peter Feldstein, Betty Friedman, Jonathan Higgins, Catherine Howe, Richard Hull, Mary Judge, Gary Justis, Ted Kincaid, Anna Kunz, Judy Ledgerwood, Claire Lieberman, Matt Magee, Jane McNichol, Jill Moser, Brian Novatny, Tom Orr, Kate Petley, Justin Quinn, Nick Satinover, Erika Shiba, Jay Shinn, Sarah Smelser, Philip Van Keuren, Joan Winter, Brenda Zappitell.

You may purchase artwork directly via our Artsy page.

Image: Judy Ledgerwood, Inner Vision