Straus Art Group

Straus Art Group is a Chicago-based fine art appraisal and consultancy firm with over 35 years of experience. Our expertise is in appraising and managing both private and large-scale public and corporate collections. We work in all media including paintings, sculpture, and works on paper.

Our appraisals comply with the Uniform Standard of Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and are used for insurance, donations, equitable distributions, taxation, and estate planning. Straus Art Group provides oversight of your collection from data management to managing loans, conservation, framing, storage and transportation, insurance, and claims. Our client-centered approach is highly customized, providing individuals and organizations with the tools and guidance needed to nurture and oversee their art collections.

Past Times, Kerry James Marshall, 1997

Straus Art Group is a Chicago-based consultancy with over 35 years of fine art advising. Our services include collection management and appraisal, sales consultation, acquisition negotiation, and a full-range of estate planning services. We customize our services to meet our clients specific needs and with active relationships across a global network of collectors, galleries, museums, and auction houses, we secure the best returns on sales and donations. 

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Top image: Pictured: Chicago Picasso, Picasso, 1967; Shot Sage Blue Marilyn, Andy Warhol, 1964, May Blossom on the Roman Road, David Hockney, 2009, Le Bassin aux nymphéas, Claude Monet, 1917-19.