Print Advertising

Print is a target-specific, remarkably effective advertising medium, especially for reaching an audience passionate about art, design, luxury and culture. Through our magazines you are able to connect with a readership specifically attuned to the visual arts. 

Below are some supportive statistics about the power of print media via our printer (the latest available info is from 2016–2017)

  • 72 mil. U.S. adults made a purchase after seeing something in a magazine in 2016
  • 56 % of consumers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy form of marketing.
  • 4.3 is the average number of readers per magazine copy
  • CGN's circulation has held at 20K copies/issue, since growing to that number in 2010.
  • In 2017 CGN marked a year-over-year subscription increase of 22% with the launch of our annual guide and revamped formats. In 2018 we grew 20% over 2017!
  • Hotels and residential concierges love CGN and regularly share copies with guests and residents.
  • CGN reaches new readers at gallery openings and art fairs, where readers actually tell us they are grateful to have a printed, local guide to the arts.


2020 Schedule


Annual CGN Arts Guide

What: 20,000 copies. Annual directory of arts listings, maps and resources. 
When: Published at the end of 2019; distributed throughout 2020. 
Where: Available throughout the city and region, as well as to national subscriber list.
Format: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2". 160 pages.
*November 1, 2019: Annual guide gallery reservations and materials due
*November 1, 2019: Display advertising reservations due 
*November 15, 2019: Ad Materials due

Summer Magazine

What: 20,000 copies. Covers seasonal highlights, news and interviews. 
When: Published in early May
Where: Available throughout the city and region, as well as to national subscriber list.
Format: 8 1/2" x 11". 64 pages.
*April 1, 2020: Gallery index listing copy due 
*April 10, 2020: Display advertising reservations due 
*April 17, 2020: Ad Materials due

Fall Magazine

What: 20,000 copies. Covers seasonal events, highlights, news and interviews, including EXPO and SOFA
When: Published at the end of August
Where: Available throughout the city, region and to subscribers, as well as CGN booth at EXPO and SOFA
Format: 8 1/2" x 11". 64 pages.
*July 24, 2020: Gallery index listing copy due  
*July 31, 2020: Display advertising reservations due 
*August 7, 2020: Ad Materials due


Ad Rates – Annual Guide


Note: these are display ad rates. To see annual arts listing options and rates click here.


Up Front Pages:

Half Page Ad: $1,900

Full Page Ad: $3,000

2 Page Spread: $5,000

In Listing Pages:

Full Page Ad: $1,800

Cover Pages:

Inside Front Cover: $3,800

Page 1, Right Hand: $3,400 

Inside Back Cover: $2,300

Back Cover: $5,500


Ad Sizes – Annual Guide


Ad Rates – Summer and Fall


Note: All full page ads include 1, 4-month, premium website sidebar ad

Full Page—Up Front Pages: $2,600

Full Page—Inside Front Cover: $2,900

Full Page—p 1, Opposite Inside Front Cover: $2,750

Full Page—Back Cover: $3,500

Full Page Inside front cover, 2-page spread: $4,500

Additional sizes: 

1/2 Page – Up Front (Horizontal only): $1,800

1/2 Page – In News  (Vertical - outside edge): $1,800

1/2 Page – In News (Horizontal): $1,450

1/4 Page – In News: $1,150

1/8 Page – In News: $500


Ad Sizes – Summer and Fall


Submission Guidelines for All Print File Preparation

  • Accepted final file formats: print-ready PDFs, preferably created in InDesign
  • Do not create ads in Photoshop; text will reproduce incorrectly
  • All images must be CMYK with minimum 300 dpi resolution
  • Please build ads in CMYK. Converted RGB files result in color changes
  • If providing native files: provide printer and screen fonts + supporting graphics
  • CGN rich black formula: 100% black, 60% cyan, 40% magenta, 30% yellow
  • When designing a full page bleed ad, carefully note our trim guides
  • Arrange file transfers with a CGN representative prior to sending materials
  • Printer proofs are by request only ($45 per proof + shipping)