Print Advertising

Print is a target-specific, remarkably effective advertising medium, especially for reaching an audience passionate about art, design, luxury and culture. Through our magazines advertisers are able to connect with a readership specifically attuned to the visual arts. 

CGN readers tell us they are grateful to have a printed, local guide to the arts. Concierges say they love sharing copies of CGN with guests and residents. A quality publication holds a cachet that online does not truly match, which is why we've made sure to safe guard CGN in print for nearly four decades. The ubiquity of digital content has given print media a rare and lasting value: it is the written letter instead of a hurried email or post.

Browse the 2020 Arts Guide, as well as our fall 2019 8 x 10" magazine.


2021 Schedule



2021 Annual Guide Ad Rates + Sizes


Below are display ad rates. To review arts listings for galleries and art spaces click here.





2021 Seasonal Issue Rates + Sizes


All full page ads include 1 premium website sidebar ad. Additional options available. 



Submission Guidelines

  • Accepted final file formats: print-ready PDFs, preferably created in InDesign
  • Do not create ads in Photoshop; text will reproduce incorrectly
  • All images must be CMYK with minimum 300 dpi resolution
  • Please build ads in CMYK. Converted RGB files result in color changes
  • If providing native files: provide printer and screen fonts + supporting graphics
  • CGN rich black formula: 100% black, 60% cyan, 40% magenta, 30% yellow
  • When designing a full page bleed ad, carefully note our trim guides
  • Arrange file transfers with a CGN representative prior to sending materials
  • Printer proofs are by request only ($45 per proof + shipping)


Below are some supportive statistics about print media

  • 72 mil. U.S. adults made a purchase after seeing something in a magazine in 2016
  • Print ads are most effective when they are a complement to digital campaigns in play and entice readers to interact with a brand online.
  • 56% of consumers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy form of marketing.
  • 4.3 is the average number of readers per magazine copy
  • CGN's circulation has held at 20K copies/issue, since growing to that number in 2010.
  • In 2018 CGN marked a year-over-year subscription increase of 20% building on prior year increases.
  • 2018's "The Future of Media” report from FIPP and UPM Communication Papers examined the value of print in publishers’ media mix and stated that “Despite the emergence of digital channels, print continues to thrive. For many publishers, the question is not ‘print or digital?’ but finding an appropriate mix that allows publishers and advertisers to maximize audience engagement, cross-selling and revenue generation.

Via FIPP, UPM Communication, and the Forbes Communications Council in 2018