“A.P. Giannini – Bank to the future” by Valentina Signorelli, Cecilia Zoppelletto

Thursday, Apr 4, 2024 6 – 7:30 pm

500 N. Michigan Ave, Ste 1450, Chicago, IL 60611

Film screening | Free with registration.

A.P. Giannini – Bank To The Future tells the incredible story of Amadeo Peter Giannini, the man who revolutionized the world of finance. He created the first bank dedicated to providing loans for Italian immigrants and marginalized communities during one of the worst economic crises of all times. What does your history teach us about the future of finance? Amadeo Peter Giannini embraced the idea of ethical financial practices, fighting against exploitation and speculation. He died in 1949, aged 79, with less than half a million dollars in his personal checking account. Without Giannini, the world would never have known Bank of America, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Marshall Plan and many Hollywood masterpieces, such as Charlie Chaplin’s “The Brat”, Frank Capra’s “One Night Happened” and Walt Disney’s “Snow White”. Through the use of unpublished archive material, interviews and filming on site, the documentary traces the milestones of his life along with eighty years of American history and beyond: from the gold rush to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, through the Great Depression and World War II. A project that inspires the contemporary global vision of our future.

Genre: Documentary
Year: 2022
Country: Italy / UK
Duration: 77′
Language: Italian and English with English subtitles