A Perplexity of Conundrums

Monday, Jan 8 – Mar 2, 2018 7 – 8 pm

Kirk Rd & Pine St
Batavia, IL 60510

Jim Jenkins is a graduate of The University of Iowa with a degree in Fine Arts emphasis in Sculpture. His work focuses primarily upon carefully examining the intersections between visual stimulus, auditory input, metaphoric linkages, transitory states of being including Birth, Death, and what is found between those two personally important states one of which he has experiential knowledge and one being metaphoric, gratefully.

There isn’t a material that Jenkins hasn’t used or considered using in his work. He employs a careful and intentional selection process to bring his fabrications into existence with an eye towards extending a metaphor, highlighting a visual element, defining a position or making himself unclear with the best of intentions.

Jenkins was once asked,” Did you get this out of a book?” The answer hopefully is obvious to the observer, he wrote the “book”, made the drawing, fabricated the device, articulated the narrative, collected the elements, fit the pieces and parts together and usually had fun doing it.