Archetype: Excavation and Expectation by Adam Siegel

Friday, Sep 7 – Nov 30, 2018 5 – 9 pm

2035 W. Grand
Chicago, IL 60612

The Golden Triangle will participate again in this year's 4th annual River North Design District (RNDD) Fall Gallery Walk and open a new exhibition, Archetype: Excavation and Expectation by Adam Siegel. 
The show examines artistic archetypes by exploring opposites, such as the gradient from black to white, from materiality to nothingness, and from loss to discovery.  

Adam Siegel, one of Chicago's premiere interpreters of modern culture, analyzes the expectations of what art depicts on canvas and what it conjures up deep in the consciousness of the viewer. Adam channels ancient forms into modern reality, sharpens our senses, and helps us to vividly experience our contemporary moment. 

About Adam Siegel:

Chicago artist Adam Siegel is nationally recognized for his breadth of work as an abstract painter and photographer collaborating with museums and large-scale corporate installations. Fusing iconic forms with texturally rich color, Siegel constructs his large paintings and photographs in multiple layers that immerse the viewer into a meditative space.  Inspired by his personal collection of 17th and 18th century art works including Japanese kimonos, natural history illustrations, and quixotic manuscripts, he uses new technology alongside collected imagery. His works bridge new to old, high to low, dreams to reality. For more information please visit

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