Bravo Bravissimo & Workshop Stories in a Box

Saturday, Sep 24, 2022

500 N. Michigan Ave, Ste 1450, Chicago, IL 60611

2:30pm CT / Bravo Bravissimo

3:30pm CT / Workshop: Stories in a Box

Instituto Cervantes of Chicago | 31 W Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60654

Free event with reservation


With over forty years of history, experience and tradition, Teatro Verde is an irreplaceable reference for children, schools and families in Rome. The Company’s engaging and colorful performances feature actors, puppets, juggling, and music. Teatro Verde’s puppet making workshops, readings and outdoor performances turn the theatrical experience into an encounter, made of creativity and communication. 

Bravo Bravissimo”: A strange host tries to force puppets into performing extremely complex musical pieces. The show is a travel in time bringing together Italian history, culture and music. An adventurous performance featuring puppets from the incredibly vast collection of Teatro Verde, in a flow of poetic, funny and touching scenes. Tickets

Workshop “Stories in a Box”: Learn with Teatro Verde how to create your own puppet with everyday materials or from your own shoe box. Create a little theater, a world of stories and wonders! Workshops are open to children of all ages.Workshop Registration

Teatro Verde is a theater entirely dedicated to kids and youth since 1986, which became an irreplaceable reference for children, teens, schools and families in Rome. The proposed performances always involve the participation of the public and use a mix of techniques—actors, puppets, juggling, shadows, projections. They often deal with social issues and prioritize music, colors and emotions. Teatro Verde also offers theater laboratories—for adults, children, and people with disabilities—parties, performed readings, outdoor performances; they produce books and videos, host exhibitions, organize festivals and other activities dedicated to kids. Theater is encounter. Theater is relationships. Theater is dialogue. Theater is a language, and as such is best to learn it from a young age.