Clay, Body: The Density and Malleability of Flesh

Friday, May 19 – Aug 18, 2017 5 – 6 pm

1200 W. 35th St.
Chicago, IL 60609

Chicago Cermaic Center

Current exhibition - Circle Line Gallery

With the density and malleability of flesh, clay has long been associated with the human body. Amidst the prehistoric art in the cave at Peche Merle, the footprints of children have been preserved in the clay floor. Clay remembers its interactions with us. And we in turn grant it mythic qualities. From the God of Genesis to the God of Gene McDaniels’s “100 Pounds of Clay”, we imagine it is the origin of our bodies. In this show, Robin Dong, Karen Goozner, Set Gozo, Nicholas Alexander Hayes and Nancy Pirri explore the limitless potential of the human form through this intimate and powerful connection.