Elijah Burgher: Until the beasts and all the mountain are wild with divinity

Friday, Sep 11 – Oct 31, 2020

1709 W. Chicago Ave
2nd. Floor
Chicago, IL 60622

Please make an appointment via Tock to see the show.


“When I made the first group of altered photos, I was working on a show in my friend Richard's studio in LA. He'd printed me out a bunch of pictures from several shoots we'd conducted. I knew that I wanted to manipulate them somehow with paint — photoshop by other means, I was thinking, since I'm not very tech savvy. He told me there was a tub of pig's blood in the refrigerator and I was free to make use of that. I wanted to but didn't.”

—Elijah Burgher, July 2020.

For his fourth show at Western Exhibitions, Elijah Burgher will present a series of photographs from rituals, daily life and other sources that are hand manipulated with bleach, ink and other liquids in Gallery 1 and a small group of drawings depicting friends and sigils in Gallery 2. 

Image credit: Siriso Sitta Sinoda, 2020, Ink and bleach on inkjet print, 13h x 19w in