Western Exhibitions

Western Exhibitions is a contemporary art gallery that shows thought-provoking, and visually innovative artists who work across most media, with an emphasis on personal narratives and cosmologies; LGBTQ+feminist artists and issues; pattern, decoration and surface concerns; works on paper; and artist books. Western Exhibitions presents unique artist projects, curated group shows and maintains a specific inventory of artist books and multiples, gathered together as a sister entity and store, WesternXeditions.

Artists represented:
Dan Attoe, Jessica Campbell, Marshall Brown, Elijah Burgher, Lilli Carré, Ryan Travis Christian, Courttney Cooper, Edie Fake, Nicholas Frank, Richard Hull, Jessica Labatte, Dutes Miller, Miller & Shellabarger, Rachel Niffenegger, Paul Nudd, Robyn O’Neil, Stan Shellabarger, Geoffrey Todd Smith, Deb Sokolow, Ben Stone.


Western Exhibitions will present Courttney Cooper, Andrew Hostick, Michael Pellew and Cathrine Whited at the 2022 Outsider Art Fair at The Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City, February 3–6, 2022

Image: Dutes Miller, Le Toucher, Sept-Oct 2021, photograph by James Prinz


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