South Side

South of the city center, galleries, museums and unique artist communities can be found in several dynamic and evolving neighborhoods.

• In Pilsen galleries and spaces are generally located near 18th and Halsted streets as well as along Canalport.

• Further south in Bridgeport, you'll find the Bridgeport Art Center, as well as the Zhou B Art Center, large buildings that have been developed to provide studio spaces and exhibition venues for artists. These spaces are also popular for creative special event rentals.

• In Hyde Park you will find several museums affiliated with the University of Chicago, as well as The DuSable Museum and the Hyde Park Art Center. Jackson Park/Dorchester is home to the Theaster Gates’ Stony Island Arts Bank and the Rebuild Foundation, and it's also the proposed home of the future Barack Obama Presidential Center. Nearby is also the Museum of Science and Industry. 


Other Neighborhoods



Hyde Park / Dorchester