“Colophon” comes from the Greek word “κολοφων” or "kolophon," which means "summit" or "finishing touch." It is a description of the details and methods behind a publication and is often found on the last few pages of books.


The Chicago Gallery News brandmark is set in News Gothic MT. Text is set in Fira Sans, a typeface designed by Carrois Apostrophe. It aims to cover the legibility needs for a large range of handsets, varying in screen quality and rendering. Headers and navigation are set in Gira Sans, a grotesque typeface designed by Rui Abreu and inspired by the 19th century sans serifs. Gira Sans is a modern, human and joyful take on that model. It's seven weights range from Thin to Extra Bold with matching italics.

Design and Development

Neoteric Design redesigned and rebuilt this site in 2018, building on our prior work in 2015 and 2013. On this iteration, we created and implemented a sophisticated design system—a systematic approach to the development of digital products. The CGN site drives native apps, print publications, and, coming soon, voice systems as well. 

Neoteric builds smart, easy-to-use web applications and portals for businesses and institutions. We help clients overcome bottlenecks, streamline workflow, and collaborate to get work done. We integrate sophisticated content management with digital publishing, operations, and customer support.


This site is managed in Neoteric's custom content management framework, built in Ruby on Rails.