Global Vistas: Depicting Nature from Around the World

Opening: Friday, May 17, 2019 7 – 10 pm
Friday, May 17 – Jul 5, 2019

1200 W. 35th St.
Chicago, IL 60609

4th Floor Gallery

Although landscape painting has been a venerated tradition in Western art for centuries, the artists whose work is presented in Global Vistas demonstrate how the genre of landscape is being addressed in exciting new ways today. 

The exhibition runs through July 5th, 2019. The opening reception is Friday, May 17, 7-10pm. 

Featuring artworks from:

Jacqueline Moses – Chicago

Aleksejs Naumovs – Latvia

Didier Nolet – Chicago

Valda Oestreicher – Canada

Charles Sheppard – Chicago

Patricia Glee Smith – Italy

Valerie Taglieri – Indiana

Free parking on the north side of the building.

About the artist

In the past few years I have been painting images derived from my travels and projecting my views for the future. All of these countries have been affected by technological developments and population growth. As a result, life styles of the people have altered, either due to environmental shifts or politically enforced such as relocation of farmers into government built city dwellings. We have all been affected by global changes, some more than others.

China’s government-forced urbanization is one of the largest and most apparent. Farmland has been contaminated with heavy metal residues and deadly toxic clouds are consuming the city skylines. Other countries are losing natural habitats necessary for the survival of the wild life and fauna living in each area. Changing the course of river flows, forest growth and drilling for oil are all affecting our ability to control our natural resources and the increase in global warming.

The imagery presented in my paintings is reflective of our times as is the technique used. All paintings in this series are a combination of photographic transfers and oil on canvas. All images are derived from my photography and juxtaposed to create the desired image.

Art is my mode of expression, the way I communicate my ideas and feelings to others. I am very conscious of my surroundings and know that each person experiences similar situations differently. I believe that anger and/or avoidance are often the way many try to deal with problematic situations. For society to evolve, we need a more honest approach. Calamities must be dealt with in a straightforward manner if improvement and healing are to take place.

My paintings are an expression of my ideas regarding problems that concern me. Guns emerging from the terrain as cacti, or rock formations, are used to transform a tranquil landscape into one riddled with threatening debris, and this raises questions concerning the legacies that we are leaving for posterity.