All We Want to See Is Ourselves (Group Show)

Thursday, Aug 1 – 31, 2019

2251 S. Michigan Ave.
Suite 220
Chicago, IL 60616

The title of the group show, All We Want Is to See Ourselves, touches upon the debates centered on the goals of recent curatorial efforts to address the lack of visibility of artwork by artists of color, women, and queer-identified artists: What are the best practices to show work that would resonate with communities who have felt left out of museum and gallery exhibition practices? In the rarefied spaces of the art world, the question posed may need some further contemplation by those inside and outside museums and galleries, artists, curators who create the shows, critics who write about the shows, and the patrons that these shows target — in short, insiders and outsiders of the art industrial complex. The show features seven Filipinx diasporic contemporary artists whose works grapple with the intersections of abstraction and socio-cultural and political critiques that are timely during these tumultuous times.

Artists: Paolo Arao, Kelvin Burzon, Roberto Jamora, Kiam Marcelo Junio, Kat Larson, Gina Osterloh, Jeffrey Augustine Songco