Many Wars Ago, by Francesco Rosi (1970)

Thursday, Oct 26, 2023

500 N. Michigan Ave, Ste 1450, Chicago, IL 60611

In Northern Italy, WWI has turned into a bloody stalemate. Bogged down in their trenches on a barren highland, the men of an Italian infantry division have been given one objective: retake a commanding height from the enemy. Unfortunately, the tactical ingenuity of General Leone, the unpopular division commander, consists of supplementing frontal attacks against machine guns with medieval fighting schemes. His dispirited troops must be prodded with ever-harsher measures into storming the Austrian positions. As casualties mount, indignation spreads among the rank and file. Disturbed by his superiors' decisions, Lieutenant Sassu is progressively led to question the purpose of war and reconsider where his real duties lie.

1970, 100”, Italian with English subtitles. Adaptation from the book “One Year on the High Plateau” by Emilio Lussu.

The event is part of Celluloid and Paper, a series of screenings dedicated to the theme of film adaptations, inspired by Italian books, between classics and new publications, available at our library. The initiative takes place in conjunction with the reopening of the Institute’s library, recently renewed with the introduction of hundreds of new titles and thematic sections.

Free and open to the public. Registration is not required. Doors open at 5:30pm CT and seats are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis, until capacity is reached.