The Golden Triangle Turns 25

Happy birthday to The Golden Triangle!  This week the global home furnishing and antiques resource turns 25.

Founded in 1989, The Golden Triangle has always been unique, thanks to the vision of founders Douglas Van Tress and Chauwarin Tuntisak. The Golden Triangle is today one of the city's largest home furnishing stores, which is pretty remarkable when you consider that so many of Chicago's big furniture stores that come to mind are corporate bohemoths featuring mass produced wares promoted in glossy catalogues, and The Golden Triangle specializes in antiques. Frequent flying and unusual travel has been the hallmark of the business since its inception, since only by in-person buying trips and personal research can Doug and Chauwarin bring the best of the world back to Chicago (and then beyond again, since the store also holds a national profile.) 

Devoted to specializing in fine Asian and European antiques, The Golden Triangle has made a sometimes stuffy field accessible to a new generation. Furniture and pieces sold at the store easily blend in with traditional or contemporary aesthetics, so there is something for everyone's style. History is palpable without being too precious. Pieces found here have more meaning, as well as long term value, when compared to the sometimes disposable alternatives from big-box stores. Van Tress is a proponent of the value of antiques, and that personal passion is evident in the range of resources he finds for clients. 

The Golden Triangle's original focus was on antiques and artifacts just from Thailand. Over the years the store's inventory has changed regularly due to availability, quality and trends. Offerings are always expanding, today coming from all over Asia as well as many destinations in Europe, so clients have a reason to visit the store over and over. 

The Golden Triangle's showroom is a work of art which creates a comprehensive visitor experience. Housed in an 18,000 square foot former Chicago River warehouse and featuring an indoor courtyard, the store invites visitors to explore several vignettes from various historical periods, such as the Raj, other Colonial periods, ancient China, and 19th Century Europe. As shoppers and designers move from space to space, their experience changes with the context. That variety can also deliver helpful inspiration to clients and designers.  The scale of Golden Triangle's space also allows for displaying its signature large works, like ancient doors, panels and mantles. 

While The Golden Triangle is an international resource for many, its roots are in Chicago, and the founders are devoted to supporting people here at home. Since 2006 the store has featured modern furnishings made from reclaimed exotic hardwoods as well as contemporary Chicago-made case goods and upholstered sofas and chairs. 

Here's to celebrating 25 years in Chicago! 


The Golden Triangle is celebrating their anniversary this week with an Open House on Saturday, October 18, 12-5pm. The event is open to the public and will feature refreshments and cultural performances.


The Golden Triangle

330 N. Clark, Chicago, IL 60654 • T: 312-755-1266 
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