January/April 2015 On the Cover: First Fridays at The Rangefinder Gallery

First Fridays in River North are Here

For years the public has regularly asked, “Are gallery openings on First Fridays?” As well known as the phrase is, in River North there has never been such an event, since most openings happen every six to eight weeks. The Museum of Contemporary Art has had such a program, and other art districts in the city have designated monthly public opening nights, but it is in River North that the “First Friday” myth  has long persisted.

Now, one of the district’s newest galleries is taking advantage of the “First Fridays” name and of the public’s desire for a regular opening night schedule. The Rangefinder Gallery’s Dan Tamarkin is always full of energy and ideas. Often buzzing around the gallery rearranging furniture for the next opening or meeting with artists about future exhibitions, now he’s set his entire schedule for 2015 and has committed to having an opening reception the first Friday of every month (beginning January 9th to give everyone a chance to recuperate from New Year’s Eve festivities). He anticipates that a regular schedule will be popular with his own clients, but he also hopes that the energy catches on in other area galleries. When the whole neighborhood is involved, First Fridays will cease to be a myth and will become an engaging reality, giving new life to an historic arts district. 

The Rangefinder Gallery is part of Tamarkin Camera, the largest Leica Camera showroom in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the world. The gallery is dedicated to showcasing un-retouched film and digital photographs from the legendary Leica M camera. 

Rangefinder’s first four months of 2015 feature a variety of photographers. The program changes regularly, so please visit often. See you on First Fridays!


Upcoming First Fridays:                                                                                       

January 9: At The Lake, Phillip Tawanchaya

February 6: Connected, David Tepper

March 6: Spontaneous Relationships, Allen Bourgeois

April 3: A Time That Was - Poland in the 1980s, Dennis Chamberlin


The Rangefinder Gallery at Tamarkin Camera

300 W. Superior, Ste. 202, Chicago, IL 60654

Tel 312-642-2255



M-F 9-5:30; Sa 10-2; or by appt.


Key image and image below: photograph by Dan Tamarkin