News From Around the Art World: July 10, 2017


CGN's weekly roundup of local, national and international art world news.

Adjunct Professor Resigns from SAIC, Citing a “Toxic Environment”

"Author, art critic, and longtime adjunct assistant professor Michael Bonesteel resigned from the faculty of the School of the Art Institute last month, citing a 'toxic environment' that 'feels more like a police state than a place where academic freedom and the open exchange of ideas is valued.'" -Chicago Reader



More Than One Thousand Artifacts from San Francisco’s Mexican Museum May Be Fake, Report Finds

"Almost all of the artifacts described as the oldest in the permanent collection of the Mexican Museum are either forgeries or cannot be authenticated to display in a national museum. That’s the finding of a report commissioned by the museum board and submitted in late June by Eduardo Pérez de Heredia Puente, an associate of the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico City." -SF Gate



The National Public Housing Museum’s Long Journey Home 

"When the National Public Housing Museum finally opens next year in a three-story brick building at 1322 W. Taylor—the last remnant of Chicago's oldest federal housing project, the Jane Addams Homes—it will be the first cultural institution in the country devoted to chronicling and analyzing America's attempts to house its people." -Chicago Reader



Hobby Lobby Forfeits 5,500 Illicit Iraqi Antiquities and Agrees to Pay $3 Million Fine

"Hobby Lobby, the private Oklahoma company that won a landmark Supreme Court case by pleading that its business was run according to rigorously moral Christian principles, has been caught importing millions of dollars worth of smuggled Iraqi antiquities." -Los Angeles Times



South Side Community Activists Push for Economic Promises from Obama Center

"South Side community activists who want residents to see dividends from the Obama Presidential Center have begun drafting their wish list for community benefits agreements that seek new jobs, improved schools and affordable housing for nearby residents." -Chicago Tribune


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