News From Around the Art World: August 14, 2017


CGN's weekly roundup of local, national and international art world news.

Pope.L to Bottle Contaminated Flint Water and Sell It in Detroit

"Pope.L is headed to the What Pipeline gallery in Detroit, where he will do a show that involves selling 1,200 bottles of water from Flint, Michigan, the city of nearly 100,000 people whose water became undrinkable after authorities decided to fill its water system with resources from the Flint River instead of using Detroit’s network."



Gauguin: It’s Not Just Genius vs. Monster

“Prodigy, pathfinder, nonconformist, virtuoso; fabulist, plagiarist, colonialist, pedophile. Are we fated forever to treat Paul Gauguin as an artist trailing a balance sheet behind him, a column of achievements and a column of crimes?”

-The New York Times


John McKinnon Appointed Executive Director of Elmhurst Art Museum

The Board of Directors of the Elmhurst Art Museum announced John McKinnon as the new Executive Director. McKinnon comes to the Elmhurst Art Museum with over ten years of curatorial and administrative experience at major art institutions. 



Kentucky Mayor Calls for Review of Public Art Holdings After Charlottesville Rally

Kentucky’s WHAS11 reports that, in the wake of violence surrounding a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, the mayor of Louisville is asking state officials to look into his city’s inventory of public art and determine which, if any, pieces could be interpreted as honoring bigotry, racism, or slavery.

-Art Forum


Tananbaums Endow Curator Position at Block Museum of Art

 The Block Museum of Art at Northwestern University has announced the receipt of a major endowment from Lisa (WCAS ’86) and Steven Tananbaum in support of its modern and contemporary art program. The $1 million gift will permanently establish the position of the Steven and Lisa Munster Tananbaum Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art.

-Northwestern Now


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Top image: Paul Gauguin. Vision of the Sermon (Jacob Wrestling with the Angel), 1888. Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh.