Artist Insights: Jacqueline Moses

Hometown: Chicago  

Previous occupation: Grammar School & Art Teacher  


Restaurant: Fred’s Cafe

Art supply store: Blick     

Sweater or Hoodie? Hoodie

Coffee or tea? Coffee


Tell us a little about your training?

BA (1968) from SAIC, painting and MFA from Northern (1978), photography. Both were worth doing.  SAIC for the experiences and art introductions and the MFA was required for job applications.

SAIC introduced me to the art world. There were many opportunities for experimentation in the classroom with equipment and teachers with knowledge on what was happening in the contemporary art scene at that time. The students were interesting to meet up with and from many different interesting backgrounds open to sharing ideas and techniques freely.

Most of my present friends I met while I was a student: Barbara Grad, Miclelle Stone, Katheryn Kucera, Margaret Lanterman, Kieth Morrison, Johnny Shek, Mary Baber, Christine O’Connor, James Mesple, Eleanor Ferris, Ken Bowman, Linda Kramer.

I joined Artemisia and that helped me to further my art education and broaden my views.

I grew up in a hard working European family.  Although my parents were unable to receive an education, they always valued learning. I was exposed to literature, music including the symphony and opera groups in Chicago.

I was sent to Northwestern at 16 years old to be a math major.  After two years I decided I did not want to continue studying. I left home at 18 and went to New Orleans. I loved the blues. Later on I enrolled at Chicago teachers college, knowing that I needed to earn a living and would not overstay for I always kept my commitments. I came back to Chicago at the beginning of classes for the summer session.


What art has been particularly meaningful in your life?   

Charcoal, oil paint, oil sticks, photography and photo transfer.

Portugal - Small Village, 18" x 20", oil on canvas

What was the first work of art to make a lasting impression on you? 

The Scream - although this may not have been the first work of art in my life, it did strike an early interest.


Describe your studio.

I need to start with cleared space or I feel like there are too many thoughts and ideas going through my head.  I use my paints sparingly, trying not to waste. I need my radio or books on tape connections.


How do you know when a piece is finished? 

When it looks visually complete to me and conveys the idea that I want it to relay.


Any tricks for getting past a creative block? 

I try doing a still life or scene from my photos that I find interesting.  Visit some art galleries or museums in town or connect with fellow artists and talk.


You have three minutes in an art store to take whatever you want, what do you grab? 

A new set of GOOD paints and brushes (but there also would have been different choices at different times in my life).


What should we expect to see from you next?  

Influences of street art in society and its connections to the areas found in and created.



Movements in the 21st Century, 36" x 48", oil on canvas
Portugal Wildfires #2, 32" x 48", oil on canvas