Creative Digital Outreach From Local Art Spaces During COVID-19: Part IV


Combing through emails and social media posts to keep up with the various, clever ways galleries and museums are sharing their art during lockdown keeps me busy. While I genuinely welcome a slower social calendar and so much family togetherness, I desperately wish I could know not only when people can open up their businesses again and meet in person but when they can expect to start making sales and selling tickets. How long can we hold on? When will the relief arrive? And when we get out, what will be left?

But that's the panic voice in my head. I mean, has anyone ever stopped making art? Or selling it for that matter?
The Grinch may steal all the presents and the Roast Beast, but come Christmas morning, all the Whos down in Whoville will keep singing.

Here for you are more ways that area arts groups and businesses are sharing art with you during this stay-at-home period. 

Note: The text for this post mysteriously disappeared during a security update to our website... I've posted limited text again in its place April 14, 2020.



Elmhurst Art Museum Virtual Tour

The museum has a special online guide about the Sandra Jorgensen exhibition that includes a virtual tour and more. 

A local real estate company helped the museum with the virtual tour. There is also a coloring page, and behind the scenes looks at  research. Plus there are special offers to Join/Renew Now - Through April 30th, EAM will offer an additional 3 months to any new or renewed memberships. 

  • Purchase an Art-ivity pack for your child to do at home. Five hands-on projects designed by EAM's Education department are included in each pack. Special 50% Offer: Buy an Art-ivity pack at the special price of $25 with the purchase of a membership at $75 or higher.
  • Purchase a gift certificate redeemable for studio art classes, Summer Break Art Camps, museum store, and more.


Rangefinder Gallery Facebook Videos

The always cheerful Dan Tamarkin has been posting clever, behind-the-scenes videos from home, giving peeks at his personal Leica collection and more. Follow them here.


Smart Museum of Art – Coloring! 

Introducing...the Allure of Coloring! Interact with The Allure of Matter: Material Art from China from the comfort of your living room through a special series of coloring challenges. Each week, we will share a new coloring page adapted from a work of art from the Smart Museum and Wrightwood 659’s presentation of The Allure of Matter. This week’s sheet is inspired by Gu Dexin’s room-sized installation of melted plastic

The companion website for The Allure of Matter: Material Art from China is online and bursting with original interviews, behind-the-scenes images & videos, and artist profiles.

Be creative—when it comes to coloring, there are no wrong answers! Print the sheets out and use coloring tools like pencils or crayons, cut up an old magazine and make a collage, or use a digital coloring app on your device. If you post your creations to social media, be sure to include the hashtag #theallureofcoloring so we can find your work and share it with the world!

Download the coloring sheet (PDF)


The Block Museum of Art Digital Collection 

Join us as we #MuseumFromHome

Explore highlights from The Block right from home or from the digital classroom.

  • Browse video collections featuring full-length programs and unforgettable museum moments.
  • Tune in to audio programs with recordings of lectures and conversations.
  • Read essays and publications offering deeper insight into The Block's projects.

While our archived work has always been available through our blog Stories from The Block, we are thrilled to be able to showcase some of our top picks on a new home page.