Artistic Family Creates Temporary Quarantine-time Mural at HPAC

“Stay Home, Make Art" Design by: Kari “Kasmos” Black. Artists: Dorian Sylvain, Kari “Kasmos” Black, Kahari Black and Katon Black.

By CGN via HPAC Staff


The Hyde Park Art Center just sent us a reminder that, as they say, distance can't stop us from caring. One artist, who lives with her family not far from HPAC, decided to create her own art during lockdown. Not only did she get creative, but she wanted to make it public as well as use it as a means to cheer others while reminding them to say safe but also busy and inspired at home. Those in the neighborhood can pop by on foot or by car to admire the mural while the Art Center's doors are closed. – CGN


When one sees a white wall, another sees hope, and Art Center teaching artist/Center Program alumna Dorian Sylvain knows this very well. She along with her sons Kari Sylvain (mural designer), Kahari Sylvain, and Katon Sylvain are the artists behind the temporary quarantine-time mural "Stay Home, Make Art" which you can see on the north wall of our building. We had a chance to chat with Dorian, who told us about the inspiration for the mural.

What motivated you to create the mural?

DS: During the early days of the quarantine, my boys and I talked a lot about what message we could send to our neighbors. We were all under so much stress, I felt color in our "new" desolate landscape could be healing. Remembering that Hyde Park Art Center had a white wall...we thought let's do it! It was kinda spontaneous. My son has a sketchbook full of adorably cute characters...we thought a light message would be well received.

What do you hope people take away when seeing the mural?

DS: We wanted to send a message of love; bright colors to heal the spirit, playful characters to lighten the mood, and of course a message of caution..."Stay Home."

What has helped you stay creative?

DS: I somehow feel a responsibility, as a public artist, to attempt to use my skills to educate (many people are not getting the message) and maybe to bring a little joy to a passerby with the subtext..."I miss HUGS!" I think most of us share that sentiment!


You can also "visit" Hyde Park Art Center online (they give you lots of ways to make art from home!)