New Exhibitions Starting February 3 - 6

Collective Communities: Actions on Environmental Crises

Weinberg/Newton Gallery

Begins February 3

Through artwork and programming, Collective Communitiespresents the work of artist collaboratives, collectives, and cooperatives that are concerned primarily with ecologies in crisis. Presented virtually at, as well through installations viewable from the gallery’s storefront windows at 688 N. Milwaukee Ave, Collective Communities will feature new work by Deep Time Chicago artist collective, Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative and Karrabing Film Collective.



Bob Tanner | Further Conversations

Perspective Group + Photography Gallery, Ltd.

Begins February 5

"Further Conversations" is a direct extension, at least in form, of Bob Tanner's series titled, "What Was Left Behind." The objects in this series are, again, those used in everyday life that can be thought of as both intimate and comforting.



Sandra Ullmann | Representation/Abstraction: Bangladesh in Light and Shadow

Perspective Group + Photography Gallery, Ltd.

Begins February 5

The black & white photos in Sandra Ullmann’s series were made in Bangladesh while traveling with a small group of photographers. Ullmann's images speak to her fascination with strong light and shadows and forms emerging and disappearing. Staring into the darkness of streets and market stalls, she would wait for a face to emerge and be held by the light.



Aviva Kramer: 1000 Mirrors

ARC Gallery

Begins February 6

Gravity and veils of paint the reveal of laws of the universe. Painting the invisible (or maybe it is humming of the breath we breath)…..emerging, receding…..lost in nature’s landscape, creation, destruction…..This is where I begin.



Haig Aivazian: All of the Lights

The Renaissance Society

Begins February 6

All of the Lights tracks the public administration of light and darkness, creating an associative genealogy that moves from gas lanterns to LED bulbs, from sidewalks to stadiums, and from cities like Chicago to the artist’s native Beirut. 



Tim Lowly: Without Moving, Tondos

Hofheimer Gallery

Begins February 5

Since she was born in 1985, Tim Lowly's daughter Temma has figured increasingly prominently in his art. Over time he's come to think of the work related to her as being an ongoing, multifaceted, yet singular project.