The Spoken Word

Friday, Jul 24 – Sep 10, 2020

5620 S Claremont Ave, Chicago, IL 60636

The Spoken Word (poetry) exhibit consists of two installations in adjacent galleries. The first one, Libyan Sybil, deals with an  ancient oracular excerpt about the futility of human interactions. The second, in Lithuanian, is a poem written and gifted to me by the noted poet, Sandra Avizienyte. Although filled with sadness between two individuals, it ends with a glimmer of hope. These two installations interrelate with each other visually and poetically.

The thought fragments were created by taking my previous paintings, mounting them on board, and cutting them up into palm-sized fragments. These fragments contain my previous art works, brain scans, brain waves, writings. These are truly fragments of my mind.

-Audrius Plioplys


About the artist: For over 40 years, Audrius Plioplys has been both a professional artist and a neurologist-neuroscientist.

His art work is neo-conceptual: a metaphorical investigation of thinking and consciousness. With over 50 individual exhibits and 100 group shows, his works are displayed in museums, universities and major art collections internationally. Plioplys has transformed the artist’s studio into a neurobiology research laboratory: he has merged neuroscience with art. | Installation at the Lithuanian Center | Libyan Sybil | Vieniems / Vien Jiems