September 11–12 Openings Preview

By CGN Staff

We can't quite believe that the first round of fall gallery openings are almost here. Since we are adding new shows and events to our calendar once again, we are also resuming our weekly highlights of area openings, spotlighting some public receptions taking place September 11 and 12. Note each space's public hours carefully. You can look at our earlier post on other September openings here as well.

Please keep an eye on CGN's calendar of events, since it is updated daily and events are subject to change. 

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Johnson - Westermann: Sincerely.....

Opening: Saturday, Sep 12, 11 am – 5 pm

Sep 12 – Nov 28

Carl Hammer Gallery

Sincerely… combines the collages and mail art of both H.C. Westermann and Ray Johnson in order to understand how both artists found meaning, place, and connection in times of great change. As networking and communication were evolving in the second half of the 20th century, Westermann and Johnson used written correspondence around the same time in their careers to convey their artistry and ideas. Though mail is traditionally an intimate form of communication, the experiences of Westermann and Johnson were meant to be understood and consumed publicly. “Sincerely” ––a common sign-off at the end of a letter–– implies that the remarks of both artists have been written, read, and digested. This exhibition compiles their voices into a larger narrative of the past in one big, open letter addressed to us.




Image: Jake Troyli, Ready When You Are (2020)

Jake Troyli: Don't forget to pack a lunch!

Opening: Saturday, Sep 12, 11 am – 6 pm

Sep 12 – Oct 31

Monique Meloche Gallery

Jake Troyli’s first solo show with the gallery since joining the roster, and his first in Chicago. 

Jake Troyli investigates the construction of otherness and the commodification of the black/brown body, confronting and exploring labor capitalism and sweat equity as a demonstration of value, challenging the erroneous notion that it is only through arduous performances of labor that value and importance are earned.



The Blue Magnitude: Works by Anna Kunz

Opening: Saturday, Sep 12, 11 am – 2 pm

Sep 12 – Oct 31

McCormick Gallery

Artist Anna Kunz creates art across a colorful, creative spectrum, seeking to immerse her viewers into her works on a sensory as well as intellectual level. Her art, from works on paper, paintings, sculptures, installations, and other projects, goes beyond physical limits and changes constantly, depending on existing light and other environmental factors. 



Amy Perlmutter: Wings Transformed

Opening: Friday, Sep 11, 3 – 7 pm

Sep 11 – Oct 31

Jean Albano Gallery

Like many photographers before her, Amy Perlmutter enjoys viewing the world through her camera lens. She then presents what she sees and what it means to her through her photographic vision.  Amy’s fascination with photography was inspired by her experience in classes at Highland Park High school in IL and it continues to this day. 




Erin Jane Nelson: Resting Spore

Opening by appt only: Friday, Sep 11, 11 – 6 pm

Sep 11 – Oct 31


Mottled and sinister, the ceramics in Erin Jane Nelson’s Resting Spore summon memories of the puffballs mushrooms I encountered as a child in Appalachia, where they were best known as “devil’s snuffboxes.” To my young imagination, these fungi appeared as huddled bands of gnomes scurrying across my backyard, the opposite of the stately fairy ring mushrooms that also grew there. While other kids made wishes by blowing the seeds of dandelions, the queerer among us danced upon spore-filled trinkets left behind by the devil. —Logan Lockner


Igor & Marina

Opening: Friday, Sep 11, 5 – 8 pm

Zolla/Lieberman Gallery

Igor Kozlovsky and Marina Sharapova, the Russian-born duo, work as a husband-and-wife team to collaborate on each canvas.