New Exhibitions Start December 17 & 18

In Memory Of: New Works by Mike Egan

Opening: Friday, December 17, 7 – 10 pm

Firecat Projects

"For my latest show “In Memory Of” I wanted to continue exploring classic themes from my past and the thoughts of getting older. As I continue to age I'm constantly battling the idea of religion and how it shows up in my art and in my life. I also continue to explore themes of death and how as I get older what that means to me. There are also elements of relationships in these works. As I continue on with life people can slowly go away, people die, friendships and relationships end, etc. I like to think that my paintings are a bit of a photograph or diary entry that I can look back at well of course get older." Mike Egan




Idol Hands

Opening: Friday, December 17, 6 – 8 pm

Epiphany Center for the Arts

A group show dedicated to craft at Epiphany Center for the Arts.

Chicago-based artist, muralist, and sculptural fabricator Czr Prz is pleased to present Idol Hands, the latest group show of his own curation. Dedicated to craft, fabrication, and structure, this exhibitionpresents new and original works by fifteen artists from across the United States, each selected for their unique approach to 3D and material-based work.




“Where Art Works: Artist Communities and Creative Placemaking,” How a Northside Studio Building Became a Community Anchor

Opening: Friday, December 17, 6 – 9 pm

Eat Paint Studio

Sixteen artists whose studios are located at the Cornelia Arts Building in Roscoe Village will participate in a group exhibition at Eat Paint Studio.

In addition to maintaining their private art practices at The Cornelia Arts Building, each of these artists participates in the larger Chicago community through teaching, public art projects, lectures, coordinating group exhibitions and art experiences, open studio events, and other professional creative practices. Being an artist requires entrepreneurial skills but, unlike operating a small business, commercial activity is not the end goal in the studio. Rather, the artist’s studio is a third place -- a space to experiment and discover, to envision the future, and to manifest connections.




3rd-Arc: Pauline Kochanski

Opening: Friday, December 17, 5 – 10 pm

Oliva Gallery

This exhibition is the third show in a series of four presentations, beginning in 2017 with “The Past is Still With Us”, continued in 2018 with“Reflections” and now in 2021 with “3rd-Arc.” The series will culminate with a fourth exhibit, dates to be decided. This cycle of work reflects my interest in the pain and suffering caused by the Holocaust in Europe and other holocausts where people are considered else less than by others. While the circle of my life continues to expand, this exploration, this circle closes with the final exhibition tentatively titled, “Roots.”