New Exhibitions Starting March 4 - 6


Begins March 4 

Woman Made Gallery

This exhibition includes 21 woman-identified and non-binary artist pairs anchored in photography and image-based practices and considers the reciprocal relationship between each pair.



In Focus: The Chicago Freedom Movement and The Fight for Fair Housing

Begins March 4 

Elmhurst Art Museum

As the U.S. faces a historic moment of social justice reawakening, the Elmhurst Art Museum announces a new exhibition that reflects on historical and contemporary responses to fair housing in the Chicagoland area



INSCAPES: Paintings by Claire Elliott, Vanessa Shinmoto, and Alexandra Stevenson

Begins March 5

Eat Paint Studio

Eat Paint Studio is pleased to announce our first exhibition of 2021. “Inscapes” features work by three artists, Claire Elliott, Vanessa Shinmoto, and Alexandra Stevenson, whose paintings navigate landscapes from the inside out.



Lens 2021

Begins March 5 

Perspective Group + Photography Gallery, Ltd.




Cadaver One

Begins March 6 

Vertical Gallery

Vertical Gallery is very proud to present ‘Cadaver One,’ the debut solo exhibition from Chicago-based painter and glassmaker Alex K. Krueger, a.k.a. CROP.

‘Cadaver One,’ which runs from March 6 - 27 at our 1016 N. Western Ave. location, assembles 41 new pieces extending CROP’s abstract, deeply intuitive technique to mediums including canvas, paper, three-dimensional glass sculpture and found foam board.



Plucked & Gleaned

Begins March 6 

ARC Gallery

Plucked and Gleaned is a group exhibition of fine art prints. The work on display touches on themes of identity, Midwest culture, place, and personal ecosystems. All of the works in the exhibition are by print artists living and making art in Northern Illinois and the Chicagoland area.




Maia Cruz Palileo: The Answer is the Waves of the Sea

Begins March 6

Monique Meloche Gallery




Paint, Posture, Power

Begins March 6

Gallery Studio Oh!

Paint, Posture, Power is a 4-person exhibition featuring abstract, circular paintings by David Pazdernik, figural ceramics depicting the feminine form by Nancy Pirri, and abstract photography capturing the ethereal quality of light and wind by Shirley Nannini and Candace Wark of Wind Flow Photography.


Tattoo Tattoo

Opening March 6, 1-4pm

Hofheimer Gallery 

The paintings and sculptures are the work of revered tattoo artists who practice across the United States and internationally.