Fall 2022 Publisher's Letter: 40 is the New 25

From left: CGN publisher Ginny (Berg) Van Alyea, Nancy Berg, Chuck Berg, founding CGN publisher Natalie van Straaten, John B. Hirsch. pictured at CGN's 25th anniversary party at the Arts Club, fall 2007



For CGN’s 40th anniversary issue, in addition to being the publisher, I feel especially like the steward of a vital resource that has withstood time and many tests–expanding throughout the booming 80s, going lean after the 2008 recession, introducing an annual guide in 2017, rebounding following a pandemic, and building a solid reputation and many, many relationships over the course of four decades. 

An anniversary is a time to look back as well as forward, and this issue tries to do that in celebratory ways that are both personal as well as reflective of CGN’s history. 

It’s been a priority of mine, especially in recent years, to continue to print CGN, despite seeing other publications slash their schedules or abandon print entirely. One reason I see this as so important, especially for a magazine covering visual art, is that each issue is one you can hold in your hand, dog-ear, annotate, stash away and reread. We’ve preserved our own art history in these pages for all these years. How could we stop now? 




The Cover: The fall 2022 cover reflects our 40th anniversary. Usually we feature an artist or work of art but we chose a solid red as a nod to our ‘ruby’ anniversary. See past CGN covers in our article about CGN's history. 

There is always more to write about and share. In this issue Alison Reilly interviews Barbara Kasten, who at 86 is still creating inspiring and innovative work. Jason Pickleman reports on a the installation of the long-awaited lakefront AIDS Garden sculpture by ‘80s icon and AIDS activist Keith Haring. Bianca Bova takes a personal view of art collecting at a time when many wonder what the next generation of collectors will be drawn to. Sara Dulkin of Chicago Truborn discusses her model for selling art in person, online and via social media in the name of making art not only affordable but accessible. And we hear from Hindman team members about four-decades in business, as well as an upcoming fall auction of works by the overlooked-no-more Surrealist artist Gertrude Abercrombie

Of course we are fortunate to hear from CGN founding publisher Natalie van Straaten, who passed the torch to me 15 years ago when CGN turned 25. In this issue we also share some really wonderful and enlightening recollections and photos from many who have been in the arts as long as CGN, or even longer. Read Where Were You in the ‘80s? for a trip down memory lane.

In the midst of an anniversary, we’re thrilled to fully welcome a fall art season that frankly feels, well, like a fall art season should! It feels good to celebrate and be a part of so much, and this energetic return of shows and events this season makes me especially thankful for the exciting years before I arrived at CGN, and of course the years since. Challenges included, we wouldn’t have gotten here any other way. 

Thank you, and happy anniversary to all of us! 



Note: We will be posting articles and interviews from the 40th anniversary issue online in the coming weeks. 

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