Publisher's Letter: Fall 2023

The fall 2023 Issue of CGN, featuring Luftwerk on the cover


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The beginning of September in the art world is akin to New Year’s Eve. This time of year I feel a little wistful to see the days get shorter as the light fades on summer, but I am excited to see the sparks of a new season. The end of August is, hopefully, a time to take a few days off before school and work ramp up again. Galleries typically close for vacation and then spend Labor Day installating the fall shows. When September dawns, the gallery-going public is reenergized and ready to attend a whirl of cultural and social events after a summer reset. Make sure to see all that is ahead on CGN's packed calendar of events.

While I am always sad to see summer come and go too soon, this issue reflects what CGN is looking forward to in the remaining months of 2023. 

Our cover feature is an interview with artists Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero, the duo behind Luftwerk, about their upcoming exhibtion, Light Over Light, coming to Volume Gallery in November. 

After years of working with electric light, Luftwerk has shifted to embracing and sculpting ambient illumination. Their exhibition will open just as the fall days grow darker as we head into winter. 

Collector Zach Smith had a light-bulb moment with a remarkable painting at the Art Institute several years ago, and he’s been pursuing art for his collection ever since. Bianca Bova’s interview with Smith shares a lot of advice for other young and future collectors. 

A recent multi-site installation of works by Felix Gonzalez-Torres was intended to provide enlightening encounters with the public. Jason Pickleman shines light on what can happen when art is exhibited outside of museum or gallery walls, as Gonzalez-Torres’s subtle, grayed images provide a contemplative refuge admist blaring sounds and screeching lights of CTA platforms. 

Ruth Duckworth: Life as Unity, an exhibition coming to the Smart Museum this fall, looks at the work of a woman who considered herself a survivor above all else. Duckworth overcame many challenges throughout her life that are unimaginable for most people. For her there was always light at the end of the tunnel. Her work means that light will never be entinguished.

Art in these pages–and well beyond–is shining brightly. We are so fortunate to bask in its glow. I hope that you find time to enjoy fall in the art world as well as precious time with friends and family. May everyone get a little more light under the sun before it fades into 2024.



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