New Exhibitions Open Sept 8: Part II


Maria Tomasula

Zolla / Lieberman Gallery

Sep 8 – Oct 14 • River North

Opening: Friday, Sep 8, 4 – 7 pm

As long ago as the 1990s Maria Tomasula's paintings incorporated motifs still present in her work including spaces closed off by hanging draperies or textured walls, and cultural artifacts often depicted in midair. What has evolved in her output is the deliberation she brings to rendering her apparitional arrays.  



Seeing Race Before Race

Newberry Library

Sep 8 – Dec 30 • Gold Coast

Race is a powerful and challenging concept. When, where, and why did conceptions of race come into being? How might learning about its history help us better understand the complex role that race plays in our lives today?  

Centuries before the term race came into popular use, people around the world used distinctions like language, dress, class, geography, and religion—in addition to traits like skin color or facial features—to categorize each other. Seeing Race Before Race explores these early expressions of race in medieval and early modern Europe between 1100 and 1800.  


THE OUTSIDER/ In Celebration Of

Carl Hammer Gallery

Opening: Friday, Sep 8, 5 – 8 pm

Sep 8 – Dec 16 • River North

A group show of work by historically significant artists within the “Outsider” and self-taught genres, including internationally renowned artists Henry Darger, Bill Traylor, Joseph Yoakum, Lee Godie and others. 


Robin Denevan: Portals and Passages, New Encaustic paintings

Addington Gallery

Opening: Friday, Sep 8, 5 – 8 pm

Sep 8 – Nov 1 • River North

Throughout his career, Robin has been inspired by his travels to a few of the world's great rivers. Many of his paintings are based on drawings he did of the Yangtze River in an area that has since been dammed and flooded. It was a unique opportunity to see such a magnificent and haunting landscape. He did these studies during the dry season when sandbars and islands cut the river into many paths.

Eschewing the use of a camera as a tool of reference, Denevan relies solely on the charcoal and sketchbooks he brings with him as he and a guide explore these mighty rivers together in small boats and canoes.


Bruno Surdo, New Paintings

Gallery Victor

Opening: Friday, Sep 8, 5 – 8 pm

Sep 8 – 30 • River North

Surdo strives to communicate a message to the viewer – to engage the person in a conversation between what he puts forth and what he or she can then interpret. The interchange of response and curiosity are goals the artist set when composing his ideas. Surdo believes art is a continual form of expression and he feels committed to search for a language that brings his thoughts and feelings to the surface.


Adonis: This is How Love Arrives

Opening: Friday, Sep 8, 5 – 8 pm

Sep 8 – Dec 30 • River North

Hilton Contemporary

This is How Love Arrives is the debut solo exhibition of original works on paper by 93-year-old Syrian Nobel Prize-nominated poet, critic, essayist, and translator, Adonis. Born in Syria in 1930, ADONIS (nee Ali Ahmad Said Esber) is considered “the greatest living poet of the Arab world.” A secularist, he was imprisoned as a young man in Syria for his political views. In 1956, he fled to exile in Lebanon, where he led a modernist movement that revolutionized Arabic poetry. He moved to Paris in 1985 where he has lived for nearly 40 years. In 1997, the French government awarded him the Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters, one of the highest honors by the French Ministry of Culture, and in 2012 named him Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur (Knight of the Legion of Honor) for not only his poetry, but for his contributions as a thought leader.



You Wear It Well: Paintings by Paul Brourman

Opening: Friday, Sep 8, 4 – 7 pm

Sep 8 – Oct 14 • River North

Jean Albano Gallery

Working mainly in the medium of oils, Paul Brourman’ssubjects include portraiture, landscapes, western subjects related to Montana’s rich history. His works are a product of classical training in contemporary realism with hints of impressionistic brushwork. The works in this show also have a distinctly Chicago theme.