Anticipating a Season of Art: Five to Talk to – Aron Packer, Potter & Potter Auctions

This spring and summer there will be art fairs, new gallery and museum exhibitions and many creative endeavors taking place.the Art world figures working hard behind the scenes give us so much to look forward to, and we spoke to five art community leaders about what they’re excited about now and looking forward to next. 

The following preview is one of five that appear in our spring/summer 2024 magazine. To receive a copy of the print edition click here. 



Aron Packer – Potter & Potter Auctions

“As the Fine and Outsider Art Specialist at Potter & Potter, I never know exactly what will come through our doors. To a certain extent, auction houses play the cards they’ve been dealt - which keeps the entire team on its toes. As an example of “I never knew this would happen,” we recently acquired an important collection of Edward S. Curtis works.

Named the “Best Auction House in Chicago” for 2024 by the Chicago Reader, Potter & Potter looks forward to burnishing that hard-won award, especially in its rapidly growing art department. Our art sales occur in June and December and offer pieces in all genres, from all time periods, spanning the categories of Outsider, Folk, Contemporary and Fine Art. We accept consignments on a rolling basis. 

For the fall season I will organize A Cabinet of Morbid Curiosities: The Collection of Richard Harris. This all-encompassing death-related collection addresses this serious and precarious topic in a continuum from humor to tragedy and beyond.”



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