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Closed university holidays and between exhibitions.


Jan 16–Feb 17, 2024: Food for Thought: Customs, Issues and Concerns 

• What is for Supper? What is a Meal? 

• Food for the Soul: Belief and Healing in Burma 

• Unsurpassed in Quality: Vintage Food Labels from the Collection of Peter B. Olson 


Mar 26–May 12: 

Making Our History – Artists Render Lincoln’s Legacies. 20 Illinois artists given access to the Lincoln archives. Exhibition produced by Brytton Bjorngaard and Graham A. Peck, University of Illinois at Springfield 


Aug 27–Oct 19: 

Spirituality, Heritage and Health - artists explore cultural lineage, beliefs, events, environment and practices as they relate to physical and mental well-being 


Nov 19–Dec 14, 2024 – Continues Jan 14–Feb 15, 2025

Biennial Faculty Show of NIU School of Art and Design and NIU School of Theatre and Dance 


Image: Artists share insights into the work on display in the NIU Art Museum galleries.


Northern Illinois University Altgeld Hall, 1st Floor, West End 595 College Ave. DeKalb, IL 60115
Jo Burke, Director
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